Friday, January 9, 2015

Project Life ~ Week 25 & 26 (The Wedding)

Project Life ~ Week 25
Oh My Goodness! We get married next week!!! There was very little time to do anything that didn't involve the wedding. However, our Spiderman daylilies bloomed and we found 3 little kittens eating breakfast in our outside crate. So cute. And just look at those sweet ridgie faces.

Project Life ~ Week 26
Married! We are finally legally married! After 17 years, not because we wanted to wait, but because we weren't allowed to marry. It's still not legal in our state, but we (and our family) drove 12 hours to Cumberland, MD to make it legal. This is something we never thought would happen in our lifetime; there are no words for how it feels. The fact that our families came so far to be with us on this amazing day truly shows that love has no boundaries.

PS Some of these pictures are blacked out because we had a very special guest at our wedding who would lose her livelihood if it was found out that she was at a “same sex” wedding.

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