Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project Life 2014 ~ Weeks 42, 43, 44, & 45

A week of love and legends! Time spent with the one's I love, my wife, my son and my furbabies. What more could I need?

I love the month of October! The whole month I have Franken Berry Cereal for breakfast. I also think this is the month I lost my chair! This week was Tam and my 17 year anniversary! I love her even more today than then. Our family is my favorite thing in the world!

We made an upside down pineapple cake this week and for some reason Tam thought it should be upside down on the counter! Halloween is a big deal for us and this year Logan outdid himself with his pumpkin! It was awesome! He is so talented. And happy birthday to Tam! We love you.

The babies snuggling, our furbabies together and Sasha under the covers with me. She is such a silly bird. She finally agreed to take a shower and I think she really likes it.. Roxy also decided to be silly this week, this is just one of her upside down pictures. Oh, and a picture of Tam's birthday's all she asked for!

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